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Did your second baby come before/after/on due date?

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I'm trying to hire a homebirth midwife, and after a few interviews have decided on one. My due date is August 26th, and she told me that she'll be on vacation until August 19th or 20th. I'm wondering how likely it is that this second baby will come early, and maybe I should hire my second choice instead. My first was born two days before her due date.

BTW: My due date based on conception date is August 26th, but August 29th based on first day of last period. My first baby's due date was calculated according to first day of last period because we didn't know conception date. So maybe she was actually one day late.
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I don't think any amount of data will help you know what to do because it's just so unpredictable. But, to answer your question, my first baby was 5 days past her "due date", the second was 12 days past and the third was 11 days past.
I agree with the PP...I don't think there's any conclusive data on that. I have heard a lot of stats about the 2nd labor being shorter, but that's about it.

To answer your question, though, my first was born 1 day after his due date and my second was born 10-14 days before the due date (sorry, I can't remember now what her EDD was!).
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I'm going to have to agree as well--it probably won't help you decide what to do, but I was due with my second on baby yet.
My first was six days early.
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My first was 2 days after her due date and my second was right on her due date. The second due date was pretty accurate as I knew when we concieved.
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My first was induced at 38+1... second came on his own at 39+6, so one day before EDD based on ovulation.
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First baby was late, second was 1 week early, thrid was 6 days late. I predict 6 days late on this one as well.
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I personally wouldn't feel comfortable with a MW that would be gone when I could very possibly have my baby. That said, one of my MWs is currently on vacation in Mexico (and I'm 10 days overdue) but there are 2 in the practice so I know who will be at my birth. You really never know when the baby may show up! I was sure this one would be early and you can see that I was obviously VERY wrong
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Well, I know when I ovulated both times, and they were both 5 days early.
BUT, they both looked like they were about a week late; apparently my body cooks them a little fast

We'll see if it happens again this time, it'll be interesting as I'm not doing doppler/US and I've read that it *might* be possible that it could affect that

Good luck with your decision, it's a tough one!
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Can't answer your question (I'm still cooking #2 for a good while longer, I hope!!!), but I wanted to ask if your midwife has a backup midwife? If not, I'd make sure you can find one, because you really never know when that baby will come.
The midwife does have back up when she's on vacation/unavailable. It happens to be the midwife who is our second choice, so I'd know her. The first midwife charges about $800 more for the birth and $50 more for home visits (same price for prenatals), so if I choose her, then I could end up paying a lot more than the second charges, and have the second at my birth anyway. I would definitely benefit from having the person I prefer at prenatals, but I suppose it's most important to have someone you love at the labor!

I guess I thought there might be some "trend" in timing, like there is with first vs. second labors. I have a friend who was one week early with her first, due date with second, and one week late with third. She guesses maybe it took her body a little longer to ready the baby with a "used" uterus!
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My second was born exactly when my first was! 41 weeks exactly.
I agree that there is no way to know.

ds was born just before 38 weeks and my first was born just before 36 weeks.
Does MW #1 give a discount or partial refund if she's not at the birth?

My first was a week early and this one is due in a week...still hanging in there
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1st was 40w0d - right on time
2nd was 36w5d - technically 2 days premature. I was very surprised - no risk factors for going that early.
1st was 10 days late
2nd 1 week early
3rd 1 day late
agree that there's no way to know.

1st: born at 39 weeks
2nd: born at 41 weeks
3rd: born at 40.5 weeks
DD1 40 weeks (but induced w/castor oil at that time due to 8 days of PROM)

DD2 41 weeks

Can you shop around for a third choice? I would hire someone who is certain to be around a few weeks before and a few weeks after...

Best wishes!
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Like everyone said it just depends!

First DS was 4 days 'early'
Second DS was 9 days 'over'
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My first was 14 days late and my second was 10 days late. My doc doesn't think I'll make my due date w/this pg though.
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