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I'm right there with ya on this one. My 2.5 year old has gotten sooooooo clingy lately - I am due in August.

BUT I have a theory that I have seen proven again and again the older my kids get. I think that before big developmental milestones the child regresses in some way or another. It's like a stepping back before forging ahead. I saw this most recently with my 4.5 year old. He started acting like a 2 year old for about 2 months. It was so frustrating. The tears, the screaming, the panicking over things that never bothered him before, 1 minute saying "I can do it myself", the next minute saying "Mommy hold me". Then after about 8 weeks of this he started strapping himself into the car seat, putting on his own shoes, dressing himself, wiping himself and the big one - sleeping through the whole night in his bed. Since these things happened the baby behavior has completely disappeared.

So as for toddlers and new babies - I definately think that as Mommy's lap disappears they know something is changing but don't know how that will effect them. But also there are so many changes during this time that some regression may have gone anyway - baby coming or not. This time around I am trying to just go with the flow and not stress about it (easier said than done). At the end of it all, they will survive, you will survive and everyone will be better people for it. New babies add chaos to a family but there is no greater gift we can give our children than a human person to love!

Just my thoughts...
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