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I've been posting a little bit, and just now noticed the "intro" board. Oops!
I am Rebecca, mother of a beautiful 2.5 yo little girl. She is my life. She also fits the "spirited child" description to a tee, so my life is never dull, lol.
I am married 10 years to my husband: a teacher, and the best husband and father in the world

We live in FL, and I am a recent college grad (took me a while...). Last month, I began working part time teaching English to speakers of other languages. I love it!
I really enjoy reading these boards, and posting occasionally. I am just so glad that this site is here! I have very little "real world" support for my gentle discipline style, and sometimes feel the need to vent, seek advice, or just commiserate.
So....Hello! And nice to meetcha!
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