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Diet and nursing / re: spitting up

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My 2 week old dd has been spitting up a lot lately (I don't know if she's throwing up or just spitting up)

It will come out in a fairly large amount and has cheesy curds
: If it's just spit up, it shouldn't be chunky, right?

I haven't tried cutting out any certain foods yet, which should I start with?

I've also been wondering if eating peanut butter is ok while nursing? How about honey?

With ds, he nursed fine and never had any probs with spit up / throwing up, so I never had to think twice about what I ate.

Now I'm a little concerned.

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Congratulations on your baby!

Babies can spit up for a number of reasons. has excellent info on this topic. Read:
my dd spit up alot. she also had mucosy poops and around 4 months started arching her back and acting fussy. I cut out all cows dairy reading all labels to eliminated whey and cassein. She is MUCH better

i agree that cutting out the Dairy is the best 1st approach. I've heard it many times. another thing is to take a small amount of milk(cows or other, not urs!) and spill it to actually see what it looks like spilt. a couple tbsp. looks like a lot when spilt and so it's easier to guess at how much is being spit up.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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