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differences between old and new versions of the Ergo?

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Does anyone know of the differences between the new and old versions of the Ergo? I think the one I just bought used is the old version. It doesn't have a chest buckle. I think I saw somewhere that the new version has one. Is that right? Are there other differences?

Thank you!
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Hrm...I have had both old and new. And my old style one (pre-Spring 2003) *did* have a chest buckle, just like my new one. Maybe yours is a really old one?

The main difference that I've noticed is that the new style's shoulder padding is more substantial and comfy, and doesn't get matted down or move as easily. It seems all around more comfortable; I think she must have refined the shoulder straps somehow. The only drawback is that the shoulder straps no longer have buckles, so you cannot wear the new Ergos in the hip carry position. No biggie for me, though, since the reason I bought it was for carrying ds on my back.

HTH...maybe someone with more info will chime in...
The lack of buckles also makes it really impractical for front carries. Imagine having a full backpack on your front. Now imagine trying to loop the chest strap around the atraps on your back. Maybe not impossible, but pretty near.
I have an old version and just today I put my son in the new version at a friend's house. The old vresion does have a chest strap but since it also has the clips on the shoulders straps the chest straps can be removed. Perhaps this is what happened to yours?

The new version was so much more comfortable. The padding is more substantial and the waist strap seemed softer and more comfotable too. Oh well, I've always loved my Ergo anyway.

Maybe you can get some chest straps from the company. I can't really imagine using it without them.
You could easily add the sternum strap (chest buckle thingy). You'd need some 1in webbing, a sanppy clip thingy, and a needle and thread. This could be done without a sewing machine, too, although from experience I know it looks a bit Frankenstein done by hand. If you'd like photos of what the strap looks like, LMK, I can email them to you so you can fabricate one.
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