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different colour stools in 4 week old

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I have psoted this in my march thread but thought I would post it here as well to get input. My 4 week old, oliver is a breastfed babe and everything I have read says his poops should be yellow and curdy...and everything I can remeber form my previous 3 tells me this as well..
but his poops are yellow MOST of the time, but can range from green, brown with yellow..and we even thought we swaw blood in the stool..though now it seems to be more oragny then red...thoughts?

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Blood in the stool is probably something you should have looked into. Green is usually fine, but I think the colors for concern are red and black (both of which could indicate bleeding).
And have a look here:

In summary, stools in breastfeeding babies are predictably green, brown, yellow or orange. It is runny and has curds almost every time. It changes color with viruses, may have a small amount of blood (call your doc) and may come once a day and even taper off to once a week or more after a few weeks of age
I actully think it was more orange then red after close look....its more doesnt mean blood I dont think.

We had an orange poo recently, after not having something so dark for a while, and I worried too. But then I did some research, and remembered that I had eaten carrots the night before. I bet if you had pumped my milk, it would have had an orange tinge to it too. I'm sure it was the beta carotene coming out in my milk (and through the baby!) What I read that day was that there's nothing to worry about unless the poop is black, white, or red. (I'd add green to that too, but that's less worrisome. )
What? So is green normal or not? B/C my babe is bf and has green poo...
As far as I've heard, green is often a hind milk/front milk inbalance.....I don't think it's *usually* cause for worry....
I agree w/pp that the green poo is a hindmilk thing. The baby isn't getting the hindmilk. Talk to LC or other bfing counselor to figure out why. My 5wk dd had green poo until we got our latch and fast letdown/oversupply issues sorted out. But not a terrible worry.
Good luck I wonder what's going on...I don't do clockwatching or whatever, just let him nurse until he is done, usually he stays on one side for around 20 minutes. I'm surprised if he isn't getting enough hindmilk staying on for that long. Guess I should talk to a LC.
Green poop can also mean food intolerances.
we had green poo here and our ped said it was 'a bug passing through' although she has been drooling a LOT more which fits with Dr. jay gordon's article about the excessive saliva causing malabsorption issues.
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