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different pregnancy

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I have always heard that each pregnancy is different. Boy is it true for me this time.

With my son, I was full of energy (at this stage) and now all I want to do is sleep/lay down. The back pain is starting already with this one and with my son it didn't start till well into the third trimester (I was very huge with him, too!) I have a good amount of pubic bone pain and cramps with this one, none with my son.

Is this just because it is a second pregnancy? Why is this one so much more uncomfortable? Ugggh!! (sorry to rant, lol
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Except for the stretch marks and 5 extra pounds, my first and second pregnancies felt identical. And since I have 2 boys, I keep thinking this one will be a girl just because it's been soooo different. I just feel like there has to be some reason for the difference. (However, we just went to our favourite Thai restaurant and the woman who owns it with her husband always likes to predict the sex of the baby...and she thinks it's a third boy, or twins. I told her we'll be back for a second opinion in July! LOL)

- Krista
lol! I thought about that. I haven't had any feelings as to what sex the baby is, but this pregnancy is so different, I thought maybe it is a girl. I have had two dreams that it is a girl and a friend who predicts the sex of her friend's babies and is always right, says this is a girl. I don't know! I am just soooo uncomfortable! whine over lol
I'm pregnant with my second ds and this pregnancy has been so much different than the first.

With ds1, I had incredibly horrible morning sickness well into the 2nd tri and didn't gain any weight until 18 weeks (2lbs.) When I got into the 3rd tri, I had the pubic bone pain, some tail bone pain, etc.

With this pregnancy, minimal morning sickness from weeks 8-12, weight gain of 13lbs already at 21 weeks, I've been sick a lot - sinus infections, bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, ugh! No real pain yet in my pubic bone!

This whole pregnancy has amazed me in how different it has been from the first.
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This pg is different for me. By this point last time I had already been labled as high risk due to failing a glucose test at 13 wks and then having atypical results on my quad-test. This time I turned down the early glucose test and just check my blood a few times a week to keep an eye on things. I also turned down the quad-test. In return I'm having to wait a few extra weeks for my u/s but to me it's worth it. So now instead of being treated like I'm a sick patient, I feel just like a happy pg mom. I'm planning on refusing the 26 wk glucose test too. This is going to be my 2nd and last pg and I want to enjoy it not continually be told how awful I should feel and how scared I should be.
Steph, sorry you have been sick so much this pregnancy. It sounds like you have felt physically more comfortable. I hope you stay comfortable!

Good for you Jen for sticking to your guns! Wishing you a happy, healthy, enjoyable pregnancy!

Originally Posted by zimmee
Good for you Jen for sticking to your guns! Wishing you a happy, healthy, enjoyable pregnancy!
Thanks! Dh teases me about being one of "those" patients. But truthfully he completely backs me up and keeps a watchful eye on me. Once I got past the shock of being pg and the worry of something being wrong/loosing the baby, I have really enjoyed this pg. It is such a good feeling!
Me too... my pg get more uncomfortable the more I have. The first two were kind of close in type, but this one had a different start (morning sickness) and I'm huge, uncomfy so soon. Ah well, I love being pg, but it feels hard on me.
yup, i was just telling dh how different this one is. some ways great, others not. this time no morning sickness or first trimester woes, but rapid and large weight gain and cravings for CARBS. my asthma, which hasn't been an issue since i had dd is way worse this time, as are my allergies. i'm also having alot of negative "fat" feelings that i didn't have the first time.
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I can't wait to follow up in August & Sept w/ you 2nd+ time mamas to hear whether your different pregnancies effected gender. I think it's fascinating!
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