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Different styles...

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I have a 6yo ds who we homeschool...actually we unschool, although we're on the more rigid end of the spectrum
In otherwords, although I don't plan work for him and we don't do school, I do introduce him to topics I think he might like or think up fun or everyday ways to work in learning.

Dd though, wants to do school. She wants to have a lesson plan, she wants to know what's going on and she wants to sit down at the table with me for hours on end doing workbook pages and taking tests.
She'll be 5 in September so she isn't even K age yet. So, to indulge her, I formulated a weekly plan and we did our list of things that we made to do figured that she would tire of it after a couple of days. She hasn't

I'm torn cause I feel like she shouldn't be doing this stuff...but if we're doing child led learning, this is where she's leading us. She really, trully has fun. She got mad tonight and had a meltdown cause we didn't work on writting

Any insight? Should I go traditional with her and unschool-y with ds or what?
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Those are my two. There are so many definitions of unschooling so I won't even go there. If your desire to unschool is because you want child led learning then isn't that what you are doing? I do try to encourage my kids to get on the same page as much as possible just because it is easier and more time efficient to do activities with both at the same time. Your kids are very young though and the time issue shouldn't be a problem for another 4 years or so. Learning styles are always changing so you never know what the future might bring.
I think that is amazing! she hasnt even been to school and she wants to learn like that. Wow. That just shows that there are that many different ways of doing things for a child and if that is what comes natural to her, how interesting. Maybe she is just they type of person who needs that kind of structure. I think its great and that it can work. I think you have a special situation on your hands. Im planning on homeschooling in two weeks (already started in a way even tho kids are still in school for the duration) and I think it is going to be difficult for me and them to get used to the unschooling. I think its just the unknown thing for me.

For you and your situation I think it is ok to 'indulge' it if that is the way she likes to learn. She may change in the future. I think its great how you are doing things. cool.
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Originally Posted by bellona
Any insight? Should I go traditional with her and unschool-y with ds or what?
SO grateful that when my dd went through this phase it *did* peter out quickly. It was so not me

I say go with it! She enjoys sitting down and doing workbooks and gets upset when you don't so it's not like you are forcing it on her. As long as it's her choice and she can stop whenever she wants, I say go with it. You can still get her involved though. You can let her help plan what she'll study and in what order, enlist her help in picking workbooks or planning lessons. Basically, have her help design her own curriculum so that she doesn't get the idea that learning comes entirely from someone else. That would be my only reservation with child led school at home.
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