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Digging up and moving a 5ishyr old cherry tree to rescue, advice please

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We have a cherry tree growing at the end of our garden, I'd say 5yrs old. DH is building a new shed and its in his way
I really want to rescue it and re-plant else where in the garden but have no idea of the best way to do this causing least stress and damage to the tree
: Can the tree survive a move?

Any advice really appreciated

Thank you
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Do it now, before it gets any warmer out. Plan to did down really far at the "drip line" ... all the way around. Relocate it the same day water well!

I think you have a pretty good chance of moving it successfully.
Yeah, what she said. Before any buds break out because that means it's breaking dormancy.

And, as backup, if you have some rootstock around or another random tree, you could always graft on a few branches from the cherry tree onto the trunk(s) of another tree if you feel adventurous. Spreading the risk so to speak.
If one doesn't take, you have a backup.
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