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Dining in and around Philly

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We are new to the area. I'm having a hard time finding family friendly good places to eat. I'm a little shocked at how expensive kids meals are out here. In Denver they were about $3-$4. It seems like out here it's going to cost $5-$6 for a kids meal and I have three kids.
Not only am I having a hard time finding some good deals, I want to be able to have a drink with my dinner.
What are some of your favorite places to go out to eat as a family?
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Can you give us an idea of what you like to eat, and what section of Philly or surrounds you're looking for? My DS still often just eats off my plate, so I rarely have this trouble yet. We live in the burbs and unfortunately go to chains way more than we should when eating out (chili's, olive garden, etc.)

My first thought is that we do like to go to good ethnic restaurants, particularly Dahlak's for ethiopian. There's one in Germantown, and one in West Philly. You can choose several dishes, and then everything is served on one big platter (so no need for separate kid's meals, everyone is sharing everything). There are some great Italian places in South Philly, perhaps at those you could order a side of pasta rather than a whole dish for the kids?
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