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I'm looking for as much input as you ladies can give to help me get out of this rut.

During the spring and summer, I find that our family's sctivities sometimes take us away from the dinnertable right at dinnertime. Our mainstream friends woudl just drive thrugh and get a family-pack of chicken fingers or chicken/burger value meals. We only eat fast food 2-4 times a year for health reasons and to save money. (ie, subway, moes, chipolte, etc would be too expensive and time consuming to stop)

My "go to" meal when we want to eat on the go is sandwiches made with ww bread, oo mayo, deli ham, swiss cheese and romaine. 4 waters for me and the kids and 1 sweet tea for dh. Sometimes I'll bring a bag of fritos. I ususally pack apples, clementies, grapes and/or bananas. Sometimes brown rice-kirspy treats (thought I'm not thrilled that I use HFCS laced marshmellows to make) or homemade oatmeal cookies. Sometimes cliff or granola bars or yogurt tubes.

These sandwiches are getting old, and I want some new ideas. Everythign needs to be neat, as we usually are eating this meal in the car or on a boat and crumbs really make a mess and a lot of later work.

Here are some things that I've ruled out:
chicken or tuna salad sandwiches: too messy
PBJ: fine for kids, dh won't eat
turkey sandwiches: fine for kids, dh won't eat

Pirates booty: too messy (yellow cheese fingers)
pears: too drippy/messy

Anyone have some good wrap recipies?
Are there any "good" hot dog like options?
What about a healthy chex mix recipie for snacking?
What about veggies? I sometimes bring celery, carrotts, and grape tomatoes, but only I eat them w/o dip.
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