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dinner question

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how do you do it?

We normally eat as a family, but since Ellie came I'm nursing through dinner or she is screaming. She hates to be put down.

DH will hold her while I cook, but we can't put her down for our meals.

I can't stand to hear her cry.

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The same here. I nurse her at table and eat one handed. Dh will hold her for the 2 mins she dozes off between breasts and I eat like a mad woman.

During the early weeks of my dd's life, dh would hold dd while I cooked, then he'd eat while I nursed and then I would eat while he held her. We all sat on the couch so we were together, just not at the same time. It gets easier!
Sling? Estella is the same. She will tolerate brief moments in the bouncy chair though. She also doesn't mind being layed accross my lap while I eat.

I wait to eat until he's sleeping. I haven't been eating with DH, but at least that way I get a warm meal!
My husband does the cooking while I hold the baby. He brings me the plate and I eat standing up at the counter with baby in the sling, or in my recliner using the coffee table. Its not as good as a family dinner around the table, but at least its a cooperative effort! Its easier for us though with just the three of us...with older kids it must be mroe complicated.

dorothy sits on my lap facing forward so she's stable (my boobs work like those head support things!) and i eat with both hands. last night i dribbled fajita juice on her head, though.
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Originally Posted by HappiLeigh

dorothy sits on my lap facing forward so she's stable (my boobs work like those head support things!)
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If Maria simply MUST be nursed during supper, I try one of two things:
1) If supper is eatable one-handed, I'll nurse her at the table. (She doesn't like nursing in the sling yet.)
2) If nursing at the table is too difficult, I have DH make me a plate and bring it to me in the living room.

I must say, I wish my boobs were big enough to provide head support. How handy that must be!
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--It's a combination of you get used to it/ it gets easier/ you get more flexible about what a family meal is.

I've nursed all my kids at the dinner table (breakfast table, lunch table)---apparently they know that everyone is eating so they want to also.

Dh just cuts my food so I can manage one handed--he's already cutting it for dd and ds.
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