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I know there are lots of us on here who do it... I wonder what ae some keys you use for marketing? I am trying to get my name out there as much as I can but since we are a new company and I was the first consultant here... I find it takes some time for people to ask you... What do you do? Let share ideas
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What company are you with?
I didn't wait for people to ask me what I do, I let everyone know I'm really excited about what I sell and I hand out samples to everyone.
When I have parties at my house or even go to other people houses I always bring my candles and I'm like check these out, and ask what they think about them.
I also do ad co-ops online, it's a really cost effective way to get yourself out there online.
I think direct sales works especially well with women b/c we naturally share with each other. Especially once we become moms. When we love something, we share it. And if someone is obviously enthused about something, we pay attention. My home businesses stemmed from doing what I loved. Even if I did not teach infant sign language classes, I would advocate it and share it with others. But I've turned it into a business. Before I sold cloth diapers, I shared the products with others, showing them how easy they can be and how much money they save. It's all an extension of my life.

Networking has worked best for me. And becoming the local expert on your items. Become the Go To Gal for whatever you can. Also, work with and support other direct sales moms.
I sell Do-Re-Me & You! I love the product and it seems that lots of moms do to... I try to tell everyone about it and sometimes feel like I am going to burst with the cool things the company has done for me and my family :)
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