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Wow! DD has just started crawling and I had no idea how dirty my floors were! We have vinyl flooring throughout the mudroom/office, kitchen and dining room, which is where we spend 80% of our time. The house and floor are quite old. I've been washing the floors more frequently (I won't tell you how often I washed them before dd started crawling), but still, her sleepers and clothes are gross with dirt after she's been crawling around all day.

I'm wondering if there's dirt built up in the floor wax? Anyone else have this problem? How often do you wash your floors?

I guess it's to be expected if the babe is crawling where we are walking in/out with our shoes. I go barefoot in the house, but DH has to wear his shoes because of feet problems. I think I'll get him to start wearing indoor shoes.

Still, what I really want to hear is that your babe gets dirty crawling around on the floor all day
I guess it's time to institute nightly baths.
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