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Discharge Question?

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I have a call into my midwife, but I'd like to hear from you all to hopefully ease my mind. How much discharge is too much? I've been experiencing a watery discharge over the past few days. It is not a super huge amount, but enough to wet the front of my underwear - TMI, I know.
: Do you think I should be worried? Is this normal? I remember having a certain amount of discharge with my son, but I don't remember it being this watery. Also, the other day, I got into a coughing jag and *thought* I peed my pants.
Now I'm thinking that could have been something more. I've been feeling the baby move, but not to the same degree as I've been feeling. I'm hoping that it is nothing, but I can't help but be a bit worried.
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I've been having a LOT of discharge, I'm not sure if it has been watery or not, but yeah, it's wet my underwear too. I'd talk to your midwife if you are concerned, but I'm sure you are okay.
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Hi mama~

I've had some days with what I assumed was pee, but it may have been watery discharge, in my panties. I didn't feel myself pee, but thats what it seemed like. I though that it seems early to have bladder control problems, but who knows!

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Extra cervical fluid is a very common side effect of pregnancy. Last time I had so much my midwife gave me some litmus papers so I could tell the difference between cervical fluids and my water breaking! (I have a history of my water "leaking" instead of gushing when it breaks)

oh yeah, super amounts of discharge...sometimes creamy, sometimes watery...perfectly normal for me but I am always wet...a huge change since bfing dried me out so much
Normal, normal, normal. The only way I've figured out to deal with it is to change my underwear a few times a day.
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Thanks for easing my mind.

I finally talked to my midwife and she, too, said it is all NORMAL. The only way it would not be normal is if I would consistently squish throughout the day, soaking pantyliner after pantyliner. I'm squishing, but there's not *that* much squishing going on!
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What a great question!! Not one that I would've even asked the MW! I've had 2 kids already and never bothered to think about it. I just have always assumed that I had wet myself
: (not completely impossible to do)! So I may bring it up now that it is a normal side-effect of pg!


Originally Posted by Shorin_Mama
The only way I've figured out to deal with it is to change my underwear a few times a day.

Me too!
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I use cloth panty liners. A little bit absorbant so I don't even notice it anymore -at least this early in the pregnancy!

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