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Discomfort 4 weeks after vas

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Dh had a vasectomy a little over 4 weeks ago and he still has discomfort, like pressure most of the time. There is also a little lump where the vas is/was. From what i've been reading about complications, it sounds to me like congestion or granuloma and usually resolves on it's own. Anyone have any insight or experince with this?

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Well, he decided to will the pain and mind over matter seems to have worked. That, and wearing more support.

If anyone (or their dp) has the problem in the future.
I'm thinking scar tissue building up. Hope he's feeling better soon.
Thanks, he's mostly doing better.
DH had the same issue. His doc said it was normal and eventually everything returned to normal.
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DH had his vasectomy a year and a half ago and still has that problem. Glad your DH's resolved itself.
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