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Discouraged...Wanna cry.

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Hi all. I'm having a pity party for myself. I've been going through such a hard time lately. Financial stuff invades every moment and then I just found out that my ds has to go to a neurologist to see if he needs a CT scan (he's been having headaches and such). He's not even 18 months old!
So, all this junk has been on my mind when I realized that I need to do another diaper wash. Again. I have so few cloth dipes (I sold off my fitteds and pockets to get LHC xl AIO's but since AIO's are more expensive, it's been slow going trying to replace all the dipes I sold). My little guy grew taller and his shape changed so I had to go up in size too. He's now in an xlarge!
Anyhoo, I get his dirty dipes together and realized that I don't have enough money for the laundry machines!

I preceded to sit down and cry. I really did. I blubbered like an idiot. Luckily, ds was playing in his room. By the time he came out of his room, I had stopped crying (it was only a few minutes). I wonder if my eyes were red or something cuz my sweet little boy came up to me, stopped and looked at me and held his arms out and gave me a hug and kiss!
How cute is THAT?!

Because of his cuteness, I'm going to try to hang on a little longer with cd'ing.
I was SO ready to go back to sposies but ds saved his own bum. heh heh.

It gets so frustrating though when you don't have many diapers. I counted them today and I only have 11 dipes that I can use right now! Ack! Yep, i've been supplementing with sposies. Certainly can't afford to wash diapers every day.

If you've read this far, you're a saint! lol.
I just had to unload all this. Thank you so very much for reading.

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Awww! Big
to you mama! I'm sorry you're having such a rough time! Hang in there w/cd'ing! Good luck w/the CT scan and keep us updated!
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Vent away mama! Poor thing. There are so many of us that are struggling with life right now. You're lucky to have such a sweet and caring boy
Hang in there, but if you do ever get to the point and are'nt able or willing to CD anymore don't be hard on yourself. A person can only take so much and you've come this far and done this much for him. So smile, pat yourself on the back and then commend yourself for doing such a great job. I hope things work out with the neurologist. Take care
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i'm sorry - it all seems to hit at once, doesn't it? i'm recetly unemployed myself - and its incredibly stressful even with a dh who still has a job - i can't imagine doing it alone. just think about how much more you'd be spending on disposables? probably doesn't help though. in anycase, the most important thing is your ds - i'll keep him in my thoughts for his tests - i hope it turns out to be somethign minor and easily fixed.
Aw Liz! I am so sorry to hear that. I think I might have a few more outfits I can send for your son. We're leaving on vacation but I will be praying for you and PM you about it when I get back. I am so sorry!
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Liz, I have a few fitteds I can send you if you want. They're not perfect, but they should fit your little guy. LMK
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We are going through some medical issues w/ our 8.5 mo ds. That alone can be overwhelming. I really feel for you and will keep you in our thoughts.

We are very new to cding. I know that it is hard to build your stash/ rotation, we are struggling with this now. I just got some stuff in from the TP. There is a large stacinator in here that you might be able to use w/ prefolds or something. I'd offer you some pf's to use w/ it but I don't have a single one yet, still tryin to find a really good deal.

Let me know if the lg so simple stacinator will fit your ds and I'll send it right out to you.

for you & kisses
for ds.
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I'm so sorry you are having a rough time right now. I know how it is when you are tryng to build you stash, we are low on fitteds right now too.

I have a Lg Bummis cover (fits 30+pounds) and some premium prefolds that we don't use at all. I could send the cover and a few prefolds to add that might help you along??
I know what it's like to have so few diapers.
It must really suck to not have your own washer.
Hang in there, things will get better.
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I'm so sorry!!! I hope things get better soon, and I wish I had some dipes to send you (the biggest I have is medium right now)

Hang in there, it's got to get better soon
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. I'm sorry you are having a hard time mama. Your little guy sounds wonderful. I hope everything is ok with him. Be gentle with yourself re the cding and do what you have to.
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Mama's, you sure do make a person feel better! sniffle.

I appreciate the offers for fitteds/covers but my ds absolutely refuses to lay still for that long. I have some prefolds and cheapy covers but my son will scream his head off if I take more than a minute to change his dipe. Because I live in an apartment complex, I'm afraid that people will think something bad is happening if my ds screams for too long! crazy, but true.

I think i really need to stick with the tried and true AIO's. Ds is an extremely heavy wetter (I've seen him pee when he runs around in the house without a dipe. lol) and I've finally found 2 AIO's that work well. (LHC and VK). I've tried quite a few others but they just don't work or fit well.

Yes, it would be lovely to have an easy fix but nothing in my life is easy. rofl.
Good grief, I sound like Eeyore. giggle. Gloom & doom.

Thank you all for your wonderful support. It REALLY means a lot to me to know that there are so many caring women out there.

Group hug!
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from your reply it sounds like you've already tried it, but a trifolde prefold in a bumkins wrap is a quick and reliable combo for my DD. i prestuff the covers and they go on in a snap. i don't have any vk or lhc aios, but i hope things get easier for you soon.

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Hi Kristin,

I haven't tried a Bummis wrap but I have some wraps that I bought at BRU. I tried those with trifolding prefolds but ds peed through and through. lol.

It's interesting, ds can't stand the way pul or plasticy diapers/wraps feel. He 'picks' at them when he's in one and he cries. He has odd sensory issues.
He doesn't like a lot of things...Like he can't stand it if my skin isn't completely dry after my shower. He refuses to put his hands or skin against me if I'm not completely dried off. lol.

gotta go to bed!
Me again! The sensory thing is one reason why ds won't be wearing this stacitnator. Being a newbie I didn't realize the texture.

By the way, in regards to our PMs -- anything I can do to get you laughing that hard, especially while you are so down, is my pleasure!!!!
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