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Hi everyone, my name is Alexia. I go by Alex.

My husband and I are parents to a beautiful boy now 16 years old who has been a handful for his entire life (and what feels like OUR entire lives) but we love him to pieces anyway.

We have had a lot of struggles with him, mostly girlfriends he's found at school that my husband has had to shut down because they were "bad girls". Our son has reacted as you might expect by dressing in all black, listening to heavy metal and rap, you know the usual kid stuff. The same stuff I did at his age.

Recently though things have taken a turn. His english teacher assigned him a book called The Raw Materials of Futility. It seemed like an "edgy" book from the beginning based on what he was describing but we trusted him and didn't pry. His behavior got worse. He has been absolutely rebellious lately and as we tried to figure out what was going on with him we couldn't help but think about this book... finally we read it and it all makes sense. This book is unbelievably disgusting. Rape, child molestation, murder, cannibalism, it glorifies everything and makes fun of god relentlessly. The author of this book is nothing but filth and seems to WANT to incite rebellion in kids.

My husband and I hit the roof. We set up a meeting with the principal and the teacher to discuss why in the world the teacher would think assigning this book to a sixteen year old was in any way appropriate. They held their ground and said the teacher has every right to assign reading in her classroom. We are currently looking at putting our son in a private school where we will know what he is reading and can be sure we share values with the school administration. I've also contated Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon to try to get this author and his book taken down. I would advise everyone to do the same. Please make sure your kids are NOT reading this book.
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