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Dish Detergent & Dishwasher Detergent - Which Brands are Best?

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We are 98% natural in our home when it comes to our cleaning and body products (Well if you call Ivory soap "natural" and I do). The last two main places where I am having trouble is my dishwashing soap and my dishwasher soap.

I have been using Seventh Generation for the hand washable dishes and I just bought a box of Ecover Dishwasher powder (and it worked surprisingly well).

However in looking through the pricelist for April's food co-op I see that they have many different brands of both diswashing and dishwasher liquids/powders.

They all still have chemicals in them, which I don't really like. How do I go about choosing the best one (and still finding one that WORKS)? Suggestions?
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I guess it depends on what the chemicals are, since everything around us is made of some kind of chemical. For dishes I use either Dr Bronner's peppermint soap or ecover. I use Ecover in the dishwasher also.

I look for cleaners that don't have bleaches or 'lemon juice' (which will ruin some of my dishes, stainless and cookware), no antibacterials, and no phosphates (which cause algae blooms and chokes life out of watersheds).
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