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Dishwasher Soap Recipe...the Saga Continues

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So I've done two loads of dishes with nothing but white vinegar and so far so good. Of course, the borax/baking soda combo worked for a couple of days before leaving that hideous film on all my dishes, so we'll see about this. I cannot imagine anything in vinegar that would leave a film. My question is this: does anyone else think that vinegar is a strong enough disenfectant to do the job? My dishes seem really clean. I'm hoping that just plain vinegar combined with hot water is enough to sanitize and thoroughly clean everything. Thoughts?

THe other thing is that today at Publix I found this white powder called (menopause has ruined my memory...) Lemishine??? It is Lemi..something. Its basically citric acid which you add to your regular DW detergent. Its quite pricey at $3.99 for a small bottle. Anyone got any ideas for a good substitute? I am determined to figure this out. Sorry to begin a whole new thread on this but I could not find the other one where this was discussed.
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I don't have a DW, but my mom uses a mixture of borax, washing soda, baking soda, and lemon Kool-Aid. Vinegar instead of Jet Dry. She loves it. Oh, she's been known to throw some OxyClean in there, too.
THanks Leta for the info. For some reason, however, probably due to our hard water, borax and baking soda leave a film on my dishes. I have never tried Oxyclean but I will. Have used straight vinegar but last night the dishes must not have been rinsed quite as well as I have in the past because this morning some of them looked pretty bad. This is a frustrating problem. but thanks for your suggestions....I'm getting some oxyclean today.
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