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Disney- Orlando mamas

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I am in Orlando but dont work for Disney, so I have no tickets or discounts. My close friends are coming in from Alaska in 2 weeks (YAY!!!) and they want to do Disney for one day. They are trying to find a way to get some discounted tix. Any ideas? They were looking on Cragislist but I dont know about that. Seems ripe for a scam. Plus, if someone here in FL bought tix and sold them to them, they would not be able to use them b/c they are out of state correct?

Are there any legit Disney tix other than the AAA discount?
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Good question! I'm from MD but coming your way in a few weeks. Looking for any help you can give a mom who has never traveled with a baby before, plus my DP has never flown before! Any tips/help is appreciated.
I dont think so. We were just there and it turns out the AAA discount my friends found was the same as the FL resident rate (10% off) and they had to show ID for that. We coughed up the cash for the one day. Its $$$ but we tried not to think about it. lol
UCF students get discounts on Disney tickets. Do you know any current students?
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