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I have some books that are a little old--about 9 months--but i wont be able to get to them until thurs--PM me if you are interested--they are the cooking guide--how many points ingredients and meals are including frozen dinners, etc., and the eating out guide, which is mainly fast food.

I know thats a long time to wait so let me know.


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I have a whole set for you, if you want it.
*dining out guide (Winning Points)
*complete food companion (Winning Points)
*tools for living companion (1-2-3 Success)
*getting started booklet (Winning Points)
*welcome booklet (Winning Points)
*two full sets of recipe cards (two different series - Winning Points and 1-2-3 Success)
* full set of weekly booklets (Winning Points)
*pointsfinder (Winning Points)
*pointsbooster (Winning Points)
* 7 weeks worth of blank journals (some of each - WP and 1-2-3)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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