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displaying artwork

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Any creative ideas for displaying kids' artwork at home. The fridge is getting crowded and I'd like to display DD's artwork in her playroom. Looking for suggestions. Thanks!
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PS- if you use a clothesline, how do you string it so that it looks nice?
I just got clothespins and plan to get a tension wire kind of thing I've seen used as a curtain rod. But if I can't find that I'll use tiny nails maybe every 3' and fishing line.
I have found that when I put my dd's art work in frames it looks nicer. We have a playroom and a long hallway that goes into the playroom. I bought some picture frames and put dd's work in it and hang them in the playrrom and hallway. I rotate them and put the old ones in a storage container under my bed and at the end of the school year she goes thru it with me and we pick out her favorites and I put them in a scrap book type thing. Also I laminate some of them and she uses them as place mates. We also take the smaller pieces of art work and use it as stationary and she sends letters to my parents. Grandma and grandpa get a letter and a nice piece of art to boot.
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My DH got some sheets of corkboard at the hardware store and glued it to a thin piece of plywood and we made a 5 x 6 ft bulliten board. He framed it with mouling and it works great! I like the frame idea for when she is a little older.

We got two clothes lines from IKEA last month that came with cute little clothespins inthe shapes of ladybugs and flowers. they were only 99 cents I think! We strung them up in the corners of dd's room.
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