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disposable diaper discovery

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So we have cloth diapered our little dd since the day she was born. She was a crazy terrible sleeper her first 9 mos and is now at 15mo starting to sleep well. She was down to one waking a night (unless sick or teething) until last week we had a crisis of diaper covers and bought some disposable diapers to hold us over. Low and behold, she starts sleeping through the night-- All the way through for 10 hours! YAY! So we experiment, and sure enough, every night she is in a cloth diaper she wakes up once, soaking. I guess it makes sense that she would sleep better in a disposable since they have that magic ability to keep the wetness away from the bum. Any we thought she was waking 'cause she was hungry!

Anyway, just thought I'd share our discovery. When she gets old enough to think about potty training at night, I'll go back to cloth diapers at night, but for the time being, I'm going to enjoy the extra sleep!
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My son wakes at night when his disposable is wet! UGH!
Maybe i need a new brand.

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Did your cloth diapers have a fleece or wool doubler in them? That might draw the wettness away from dd's bum until morning...

Found the same thing out by chance with our babe. Hates disposibles during the day, but can't sleep without one at night. We've got these beautiful hemp diapers with fleece liners and wool covers. She still feels wetter. Go figure! Also the size of cloth required to keep her dry makes it hard for her to roll around at night like she likes to. The 10 lb butt is weighing her down.

We used to exclusively EC at night. But it started stressing her out. She would wake up all the way and cry for a while. I thought maybe that was why she didn't like being wet--she wasn't used to it. Interesting to know other mamas have this prob too.

Enjoy the sleep!
We are in the same boat -cloth during the day for so long, and suddenly disposable at night and he slept better!

But now he wakes 1-2x asking for a diaper change...his is soaking wet and starting to notice the awful wet bottom feeling. I hope this transitions to learning the potty soon!
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