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Disposables win again

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I'm so bummed. My good friend sends her dd to daycare. I was so excited when she told me that they provide cloth diapers. There was no additional cost for this service. I just recently asked her about it, and she said that they had stopped the service b/c too many parents were sending their own disposable diapers. I couldn't believe it. The parents didn't even have to pay for diapers, yet they chose to send there own instead. What sense does that make?
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i can see that happening - although i think it's very sad! i personally know only one person who cd-ed. most of the people in our area just wouldn't do it - and i'll single-handedly try to change that!
I know quite a few moms who use sposies. When they heard that I converted most thought that it was unsanitary and gross.
I have tried to change their minds but they seem to think that throwing pee and poo diapers in a landfill is much healthier. It may also be that parents don't want their babes sharing dipes. My husband thinks buying used dipes is (for lack of a better word)disgusting. Maybe they don't understand the way the cds are cleaned and sterilized.

just my thoughts

mamaW of Niko
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