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I keep thinking this will pass but it's not and it's getting worse and now I'm picturing him weaning before he's even 10mos. I don't want that to happen so I need some advice.<br>
My baby is 8mos old (almost 9mos) and is EBF (i.e. no formula). I nurse when home and he gets bottles of pumped milk at daycare. He takes A LOT of solids through the day at daycare, and they say he's not real interested in the bottles, especially the having to be still and drink. They have to sit him up, facing out and let him watch the other kids and even then he rarely finishes the bottle at one time. He gets 13oz of my milk/day at daycare.<br>
Up until 2 wks ago, we would come home and he'd nurse like he was starved for 30min, then take some solids and then nurse for another 30min. 2 wks ago, I started having to pick up my oldest child at daycare too, and since then baby is too distracted by the 3 yr old to nurse more than 10 min. He still nurses fine at bedtime and through the night. Lately, though, he is refusing to nurse for more than 5 min in the morning before I take them to daycare (again, distracted by anything and everything).<br>
On the weekends, I feed him a few solids, although he has seemed less interested in them and more interested in nursing. He will nurse 2-7min on one side and then refuse to nurse anymore. Then he wants to nurse every hour. I have tried a nursing necklace, different positions, nursing him in a quiet/dark room (he will fight me/get distracted by even the tiniest light source/giggles/bites). It's starting to affect my supply. I am seeing a little decrease in my pumping output at work through the day.<br>
Sorry this is so long, but I just really need some advice as to how to keep going. I am not ready to be done nursing. I nursed my oldest until he was 22mos, and I want to make it to 2 yrs with this one.
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