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Diva Cup and other options

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I have read a bit about alternatives to store bought pads and tampons. After having a baby my body seems less comfortable with tampons and unless I am sleeping at night I can't stand the feel of wearing a pad. I also like the thought of having less waste when using the "disposable" products. I'd love to know how women like using their diva cups and other comparable products. I'd really like some insight so that I know which product might be best for me. Two questions that I have right away are, will I still be able to use something after having a baby and are they spill safe while sleeping? The last thing I want is a permanant stain on my mattress! Thanks!
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I know that this topic has probably been overkilled but I would really appreciate advice!!! If there have been thurough discussions in the past I will gladly look at them as well!
If a cup is in proper position, which takes patience and practice, you will have no leaking. Having said that, I ruined a pair of white jeans at work today. Having said that........................the conclusion is that I was on day one of my 2nd cycle w/ my cup (Diva), and had absolutely 100% faith in it to come through for me. However, I didn't have it positioned properly, or it would have otherwise come through for me. I used Insteads for 10 years, have owned a Diva for 2 months now, have a Mooncup in route from the UK right now, bought a silicone version of the Keeper (allergic to latex so I can't use the original Keeper), and can't wait to try them all. I have a sea pearl for an alternate, but mainly if I choose to have sex while I'm cycling. I didn't ruin or spot on my sheets last month, and you shouldn't worry once you have the correct positioning of which ever cup you choose.
I wish every woman had the open mindedness and awareness of options, and we'd all be done w/ disposables for life!
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Oh, and for the record, cups are made for before and after having children. Having said THAT, I used my 13 year old daughter's smaller size cup before mine arrived in the mail, and had NO issues aside from letting it overflow. I've had 2 kids vaginally, and am over 30, so YES, you can use them now AND later, and forever! Hooray!

Originally Posted by solidcitizqueen
I used my 13 year old daughter's smaller size cup before mine arrived in the mail, and had NO issues aside from letting it overflow.
I think it's great that your 13-yo daughter uses a menstrual cup. I really wish I would have known about them and had the confidence to try them earlier.

To the OP, Diva cups have a one-year money back guarentee, so you really have nothing to lose by trying them. (Just don't cut the stem shorter or they won't take it back). I bought a Diva Cup a few months ago and I LOVE it so much! It was not hard for me to use it, but it took a little practice. I used it successfully from the first day, though. The only accidents I had were when I didn't give it the little "spin" they reccomend in the instructions. If it can rotate freely, you're all set. I would reccommend the Diva Cup to anyone! My husband says I should get my picture on the box like Mama Celeste
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I've got a ton of the Instead cups (my mom bought them and didn't like them and so did my sister.) I started using them about 3 years ago, before I got pregnant. Since then I've only had 2 periods, so they've been stashed away. I'm going to get a Diva Cup to use as soon as all the Insteads are gone. I liked the cups better than anything else and I think the Diva cup will be awesome since I won't throw anything away.
Jean-na ~ tell me more about wearing the sea sponge while having sex. Hope that isn't too personal, but I'm really curious.

I've thought a lot about the sea sponges (meant to look for them at the HFS when I bought my Diva cup). I was all set to buy some before I got pregnant with Lila and this is only my 3rd period post partum (one breakthrough last Nov. and then started for real last month, 27 months, no period, it was sweet while it lasted). Recently I've seen that they are best for light flow and that doesn't describe what I typically deal with, so I'm not sure how well they'd work. But if they can be worn during sex, that would be a worthwhile investment.


Well, after using Insteads for 10 years, and knowing you can have sex w/ them, I was having a difficult time accepting not using them, if only for this purpose. I still have them on hand, if nothing more than to pass out to newbies to cups. I've read about "sea pearls" extensively, and have had them on hand for years to apply makeup instead of the sponges you get in the stores. I'd previously (years back) used sponges temporarily for my cycle, but leaked so much (yeah, like I thought they'd absorb foreeeever?). Being older and wiser, I keep them around. If you're using them during your cycle, your spouse will not even feel them. They act as a barrier between the bleeding cervix and his parts entering you. If you know ahead of time, simply wash/rinse your sponge before you become intimate. It will do a FINE job keeping things unmessy during intimacy. When you're "done", take it out and wash/rinse again.
I was cramping so bad yesterday, because I was 12 days late on my period. I felt like I was having labor pains, honestly. I even took my Diva cup out and put a sponge in. I hated having to get up 3X to rinse out my sponge, but at least I could have a complete awareness of my cervix cramping. I thought Diva was rubbing it, and it was just realllllllllllllllllly bad cramps. Cup is back in today, and sponge is out, but it was nice to have the option.

Also, the sponge just saw my daughter through her first yeast infection. I found info on the net about home remedies for YI's, and how the sponge helps to treat them. If she'd have followed my directions completely, we wouldn't have had to resort to Monistat! URG!

Anyway, sponges are great for intercourse, and comfortable (can't feel them). When you're "done", just bear down, and fish for a pinch of sponge. You can also tie some dental floss (natural, unwaxed or waxed) to the sponge, if you need a "string". Hope you find this helpful info!
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You definitely can use a cup after giving birth. I was all set to buy the "after" size, but when I got my first postpartum period, I found that my "before" size Keeper still fits!

Proper positioning (which can be tricky to get the hang of) should prevent leakage until the cup approaches full; then, it may leak a little when you stand up, sneeze, etc. It isn't nearly as much at once as when a tampon fills up, though! I have a heavy flow and used to use a Super Tampax every two hours; now I empty the Keeper every three hours or whenever I'm using the bathroom anyway. (On lighter days, I just leave it in all day--love that!)

I recommend wearing a pantiliner with it, at least on heavy days. Cloth liners are a lot more comfy than the paper+plastic ones! I like the long size from TLC Pads.
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