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diva cup/moon cup...will they work for super heavy days?

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ever since I had my 2nd child Ive had really heavy AF on days 1 & 2 (like a super plus tampon every 1 to 1.5 hours). Will the diva or moon cup work with a heavy flow? After the first 2 days it gets really light
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Yes, they work very well. You may have to empty it every four hours, but no leaks.
I am the same way after I had DS and my period came back. It totally sucks but the Diva cup is awesome!! I was so scared at first and it took me 2 months to stop wearing a thin pantiliner "just incase" :LOL
Unfortunately, the Diva did not work for me on my heavy flow days. I could never get a good enough seal, and it leaked really quickly. Still working at it, though--perhaps one of these cycles I will get it right. I have found the learning curve to be very very steep, and wonder if there are just some women for whom the Diva and similar cups won't work (I failed at the Keeper, as well).

I just posted the same thing on another thread -- I just could never get the Diva cup to work. I wonder, too, if it's just not the right shape or size for some women's bodies...
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