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Diva cup & too much suction

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I am on my third day of using my Diva. I love its potential, but have experienced some pain, especially when trying to remove it.

The suction seems to be really strong.

When I insert it, it takes a while for it to unfold and it feels like the suction is strong.
When I try to remove it, it is really painful. At one point I felt a strong - not- right pain in my lower back.

I try to be really gently taking it out, gently twisting and moving it. I can't seem to hook my finger over the edge to release some of the pressure.

Any ideas?

I have no problems with leakage.
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Try slipping a finger in to fold down a spot rather than trying to actually hook it. That should let some air in and release the suction effect.
Yea, I have to fold it a little before I take it out. Sometimes I have to get my finger under the lip to break the suction.
Ditto what the other ladies have said. I do remeber experiencing the same thing you are when I first used my Diva cup. Its new and slightly different than what you are used to so there is a small learning curve, but isn't it awesome

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