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DMV didn't want to let me test....

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I went to the DMV to get a new license since we just moved to a new state...I needed to take the knowledge test which I didn't know I was going to have to take (thank goodness I passed)...anyway I took my eight-week old with me and they told me I couldn't take her in with me to take the test b/c children weren't allowed.

Here was my 8-week old quietly sleeping while being carried on me...

I expressed to the lady that I bf'ed her and wouldn't be able to take the test without her. She explained to me that her daughter used a pump so why couldn't I. With all due respect, pumping is great, but I don't pump and I wouldn't want to give my baby a bottle right now since I am a SAHM and there is not a need for us.

-Meanwhile everyone is gawking over how cute the baby is so I explain that 'yes, she is adorable but it's amazing how our culture discriminates against the needs of mothers with these adorably cute babies.'

So, I asked to see a writtenpolicy that newborns weren't allowed in the testing area since there was a not a posted sign. The clerk said she didn't know if there was one but that I could speak with the manager. (All of this was said in a friendly tone BTW)

When the manager did come and I explained that I was in the understanding that children weren't allowed in the testing area but that I didn't see why my sleeping newborn who is ebf'ed couldn't be allowed. There was no one testing currently and if she did become a noise disturbance to someone else testing I would happily end my testing early and return at a later time.

The manager said that they would of course make an exception for me.

Annie had woken up at this point so I went and changed her and nursed her before testing to make sure she would be happy. Then I nursed her during the test b/c she was a little squirmy....

So, lesson learned...rules aren't always rules! Exceptions can be made and you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.
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That's awesome. Sounds like you handled it perfectly, I hope if I'm ever in a similar situation I can stay so composed!
Even if nursing hadn't been an issue, the rule seems crazy. I mean, what were you supposed to do with the baby, just leave her in the waiting room by herself?

I'm glad that the supervisor was able to use common sense and good judgment and see that the rule was to bar disruptive kids, not sleeping newborns.

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Even if nursing hadn't been an issue, the rule seems crazy. I mean, what were you supposed to do with the baby, just leave her in the waiting room by herself?
That's what the lady was suggesting, that I either pump milk or bring someone with me. If I would have brought my DH with me he would also have out other two and believe me...that would have been a disruption!

And not that we couldn't have tried to work that out since DH is self-employed but you're right, we were talking about a newborn. How silly.
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to you for your persistence!
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Just had to reply -- I was at the DMV yesterday to renew my license; I had my baby with me and her name is Annie too
. I didn't have any problems but I didn't need to take the written test. So glad they were willing to be flexible and reasonable to accommodate you; it's not something you always get in government offices.
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It's really good it worked out for you. And you're a great example to women like me who won't press the issue because I'm such a chicken. The more I read here, the more courage I find.

What makes me mad about your story though is that the DMV employee actually had the nerve to question you as to why you didn't pump like HER daughter. THAT would have mad me really angry. It makes me angry for you anyway. I'm glad the manager gave you an exception, but what if it happens to another mother and he's not so generous?

I find it interesting as well that you asked them about a "rule" and there really wasn't a "written" one, like there really is a rule AT ALL to begin with..
..why is it that people think they can bully us? I mean really.....that is what they are doing.....and it's wrong.

I'm SO glad, I really am, that you fought for it. It means alot to someone like me who won't be so afraid the next time someone tries to "bully" me.
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