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Do all toddlers go through this "I must destroy everything!!" stage?

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My son is now 17 months old
and recerntly he seems to be in the really destructive stage.

He gets into everything he knows is off limits and he is just an overall meany! Oddly enough he is also in this very lovey stage. He is jsut learning what emotions are and how to use them? I guess I've thought about his physical and mental developemtn but I forgot about the emotional part.

He is also climbing onto everything! He has figured out how to climb into his high chair but didn't amke it this morning and fell backwards landing in the at water dish. Then about 10 minutes later I hear the water in the bathroom. He is able to crawl in the tub and turn the water on but this was different. He was sitting in the sink with water up to his waist chewing on my toothbrush! If I wasn't trying to walk out the door it would have been funny....actually it was really funny but a little aggrivating!

So, do they all go through this? Is it a boy thing? Will he ever outgrow it or should I just get used to it
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Well, I have a 34mo boy, and that sounds like a typical day at our house. It is starting to get better at this point. It doesn't happen every day, usually when he's tired and/or bored and/or hungry. He's gotten a bit less destructive, but still can't be left alone with anysort of book except maybe a board book. Otherwise, it ends up in shreds. My nephew was alot like this, and is much better at almost 3 1/2yo. I do think though, that boys are like this more than girls. I didn't have to babyproof for my dd, but ds just defies any babyproofing, so we just cope and keep a steady eye on him. His room, though is now a safe place to leave him to play on his own or with his big sister. We did end up putting bars on the window though, after dh found him with one leg out on the roof trying to retrieve the binkys he had thrown out there!!!!!!
I don't know if this helps, but that is my experience so far.
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it's funny b/c i came lurking around for something close to this topic. just to commiserate. i have a 22 mo old boy who seems to be much more destructive than i remember my dd being (now almost 13).

i think boy, personality, age thing. we have all the shelves and drawers at his height either empty or full of his things. and our latest dilemma is him throwing things off the deck. it's his favorite play area (and mine too because he is outside and safe) but if anything in the house is missing, you can almost surely find it down in the jungle below the deck. and hopefully the dog hasn't already found it and chewed it to pieces.

he finally stopped his stage of smacking the dog and cat with whatever he could get his hands on. it's just so much more energy than i am used to!

surely it will pass, but in the mean time, misery loves company eh?
Hey! Alex is like this and he's only 13 months! Today he started climbing up the bookshelves. Everything that's off limits, he wants (big surprise). He figured out how to open the lid of the toilet and recently started climbing the desk drawers to hit the computer keys. He's also been incredibly fussy lately, which is driving me crazy! He'll walk around crying, not wanting anything you offer, not even to be held. He doesn't stack blocks, or talk or play with the sorter - nothing "creative", everything's destructive. Today he started to look like he was going to put one block on top of another, but instead started hitting all the other blocks with the block in his hand.
: I bought him a big wooden jumbo puzzle, thinking that his fine motor skills were advanced enough to maybe try it out, but he just throws the pieces. Not that I expect him to really accomplish things beyond his reach, but as he's gotten older, he's gotten to be much more fussy about all of this. If I make him stop doing whatever he's doing, or take something away, or close a door, he'll start crying, which isn't a huge surprise, but it's really difficult to even redirect his attention anymore. It has to be something really good to do that, and he has to happen to want that at the moment. This is really starting to wear on me. Do I really have another 2 to 3 years (or maybe more) of this?
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get him some percussion toys. drums, sticks, tamborines.

my ds is much more into everything making sounds, or being a tool. he is just now getting more into imaginative play, where things play out into a story. but even still, he wants to be doing something with it. making change.

your ds sounds like he wants to make some noise!
Ds usually does this for a day or two and then goes back to himself. Usually it is because he is bored and I try to do something fun with him. One of his favorites is making a tent. We will get under it with his favorite toys and just play there for hours. It is so much more fun when you play under a tent. Getting out to the park, weather permitting. Going for a drive. Or going to Wal-Mart and getting a $.51 package of crayons.
He has musical instruments...he is a drum junky! We have a drum set at church and during our rehersal this past week (my dh is a music minister) he played the drums...the kids got talent

he is doing better...I got a pic of him in the sink. It was not a good thing for him to do..but it is so funny I had to take a pic! the living room and his playing area is clean so that seems to be making the biggest difference.
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