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The only thing with pocket diapers is you have to get good at deciphering if it's wet or dry. Some of them are hard to tell (suedecloth especially) while others aren't so hard to tell (Fuzzi Bunz). I had my daughter in FB a lot at daycare and I don't think it phased her EC one bit. In fact, starting at 15/16 mo, she would tell me when her FB was wet. I think it feels heavier to her or something.

AIOs with snap-in soakers are a bit easier to tell if the soaker is wet, because you can stick your finger in the non-stay-dry part of it.

BUT, part of EC is also the baby feeling the wet and you changing it right away, and so pocket diapers aren't really the best for that.

There do exist waterproof training pants that hold a pee in and don't leak everywhere. That's what we prefer to use these days if we want waterproof (or else we use non-waterproof training pants with Gerber plastic pants over the top, since it all can pull up and down for pottying). You can check out the training pants reviews at for some ideas, or check out the EC store (
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