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I was just researching donating breastmilk, something that I was considering doing, if I qualified and all, well the current site that I was looking up on their FAQ I came across that they only accept milk from nursing moms who have nursed 12 months or less.
DS is one next week, I wouldn't even have gotten approved by then.
: I would continue to look for another place to donate, except it is 3 AM, wow DS will likely be up in 5 hours
:, so I thought I would post here first and continue my search in the morning.

TIA for any feedback?

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I have an email into the Mother's Milk Bank of New England, which may only be in the fundraising and development stage.

Since I would rather not have to deal with shipping I may try to find an
in-state Donee through MilkShare.

If you google the word "MilkShare" you should find their website but I couldn't find a link to their board, which is a Yahoo Group. You may need to google, or should I say "Yahoo" that separately.

MilkShare is a Mom to Mom network therefore no one is collecting and redistributing the milk. But you should be prepared to fill out a Questionaire and possibly take a blood test, at the Donee's Parent's expense (unless you don't mind paying for that yourself).

There may be a family out there that that wants milk for an older baby. Or there may be a shortage of donors and they may be willing to overlook the age of your baby, especially if you meet other desirable criteria. For instance if you are dairy free and are willing to remain dairy free.

If you find a milk bank willing to take milk from a Mom with an "older" nursling please post back here or PM me.
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