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Do any of you sell beaded jewelry you make?

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How did you get started? I've been beading for years, knotting, wire wrapping, etc., and I've always just kept them for gifts or myself. I'd like to begin selling some, but now is unfortunately not really a time that I can invest a lot of time or money in making a ton. (I probably currently have about 3 dozen necklaces and fewer bracelets that I've made recently, plus a stash of beads to work with.) Nor do I really know how to set up a web page.
I guess I'm not much of an entrepreneur, but I was wondering if there was an easier way to get started. I know there are some web pages out there that are a collection of wahms. How would I get in on that? Do people sell much that way? ANY advice would be appreciated!
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I'd recommend starting out small, and see if you really want to put a lot into this venture. It usually costs a lot to start any new business, including jewelry. It also usually takes 1-2 years to become profitable. You want to make sure that you really love doing it enough to invest so much into it as a business, and not just a fun hobby.

Since you already have some jewelry made, take it around to some local shops and see if you can sell it on consignment. Before you take those pieces in though, take pictures of them. You can post your pics/products on places like which is a great online auction/store for hand-made products (like ebay except for hand-made items).

I hope this helps... I'm tired and ready for bed, so it may be a bit incoherent.

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You know my aunt has a store with clothing and jewelry and I showed some to her to try that first. She liked it, but said she gets SO MANY people coming in trying to sell their stuff. I don't know if I have that in me right now to be aggressive. I feel like I should have tried years ago before everyone was into making it.

I did not know that about etsy though. Thanks!
I would suggest starting with earrings at about $18 to $20. And try small local craft shows!

Best regards,

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