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do ear infections need antibiotics?

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My dd (2) has a low grade fever and a runny nose. No biggie, we treat for her comfort (lots of boobie milk and cuddles). But last nite she was cranky and started grabbing at her ear.

So, are ear infections viral or bacterial?

Do they need antibiotics? (if they are bacterial and how do they know?)

Help me treat my daughter!

p.s. she hasnt had an ear infection before
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Thats just the info I was looking for!
Thank you soooo much!
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How do you do the oil in the ear? hurting ear up while they lie on the opposite side? do you let it sit a while or drain it out? help!
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also, would a rice be okay instead of water bottle? thanks!

Laura, how's your little one doing? hopefully better!!
I'm sure a warm rice pack would work as well as a water bottle- the warmth helps relieve the pressure in the ear, I believe.

I lay the babe on my lap, sore ear up, and put the drops in. (watch out that the kid doesn't knock over the rest of the oil!LOL!) I make sure they are body temp (place the bottle of oil in a cup of warm water for a few minues). I massage around the ear until the oil goes in, sit the babe up and wipe away any excess. My 3yo actually asks for drops whenever her ears are sore- the warm oil feels good. We buy them from our local health food store, they also have mullien in them, which also relieves the pain.
which leads me to ask, what is mullien? thansk for the info!
She's doing much better, thanks for asking runningmommy!

We used one of those fake magic bags heated up - not sure whats in it.
She was better the next day. We didnt get a chance to try anything else.
Not that I'm complaining....I'm much happier seeing her happy and comfortable.
She's still snotty so we are trying to clean out her nose alot and massage around her ears (I read that here somewhere) and it seems to helping keep any ear problems at bay.

Yes, I'm wondering what mullien is too
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laura, so glad to hear she is better! we did the rice sock, garlic oil (homemade) and have been giving euchinachea, he is doing great! Wow so glad to know about this stuff!!
Sorry- I haven't been able to reply- mullien is an herb- I believe it has numbing qualities.
Glad to hear that the little ones are doing better.

I just wanted to add that even mainstream sources are now saying that not all ear infections warrant antibiotics use (yay!).
do you think that they will ever get to the point where instead of just writing a prescrip, they ask "would you like to try a natural remedy or have a prescrip?"
Actually, in conjunction with the advising against the routine use to antibiotics for ear infections, the AAP suggested home treatment with tylenol or advil.
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