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do i brush his two teeth?

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he's 7 mos. with 2 bottom teeth. nak. tia!

eta: exclusive nutrition from bm but he does play with eating food occassionally.
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We wipe DS's two teeth, gums and tongue before bed with a damp washcloth. We make a game out of it actually.

But, I don't know if you *HAVE* to.

I'll be lurking around to see what others say.
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From what i heard you should wipe with a wash cloth or soft baby tooth brush when they get teeth about once a day. Tooth paste is not reccomended. Before bed is the best time.
I will tell you if you start early they don't resist as much later. No paste, though. I don't think its practical at this point as much as establishing a routine.
I would suggest that you do brush or wipe of his teeth...if only to get him used to having you do it later. I started wiping off DD's gums once we got home from the hospital. And, once a little tooth emerged, I started brushing. Now, at 17 mo, she is able to brush her own teeth (with momma "checking" with the toothbrush, when she is done
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I don't do anything with ds's teeth, he bites!! I could get a toothbrush out for him now though, thanks for the reminder
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I'd agree with the suggestion to skip wiping and go straight to brushing ... it's so much easier to introduce a brush earlier, and never risks turning into a "bite mom" game.
We have two baby brushes; I give DD one to play with while I brush her three teeth with water.
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My mom (works in the dentist office) gave me a little toothbrush shaped like a teething ring with bristles on the end. I guess I will start using that on her teeth, maybe with some diluted H2O2 on it. She said it's not too drastic/necessary to start too much at this age.
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