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do i have low fat milk?

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with my dd (now 3 years) I nursed for 18 months and she was chunky. she wasn't interested in food until after a year. i am a skinny person (about 105lbs). i gained about 45-50 pounds with each pregnancy, but i dropped all of it by 6 months postpartum.
now with ds who turns 1 in a week: he is TINY! and ravenous for foods! its like he gets nothing from my milk. he is around 16-17 pounds and eats ridiculous amounts of food (last nite he ate 1 1/2 chicken leg, one potato, green beans, applesauce, and two slices of pears!). now that he is getting more food he isn't too interested in nursing except before bed, nap and through the night (maybe 2 times during night).
i know i have enough milk, but can someone have poor quality milk? is it because i'm skinny? i want to nurse as long as possible. do i just keep with the minimal nursings until he weans himself? is it a boy thing to be too distracted with other things and not so interested to nurse? any ideas would be welcome!
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Usually milk quality only dips when mom is on a starvation diet. Around 10-12 months they can get quite distracted and need to be reminded to nurse. Can you nurse before meals since he seems to be really into eating solids? (Usually around 1 yr moms switch to nursing after solids, but it doesn't sound like your guy will refuse solids after nursing.) I think 4 times in 24 hours at 1 yr is probably on the low end if you plan to nurse until at least 2 yrs old.
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