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Do I have to lanolize again? (poop on wool)

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did I do the right thing? DS got some poop on the kiwi pie and I took it upstairs and used the shower massager to get it off. I dont think I got it all, and I didnt rub just rolled it in a towel.

What do I do next?
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Soak it in wool wash. Our stains come out pretty easy. It's all about reaction time, lol.
I dont have any wool wash, but should I use warm or cool water to make sure it doesnt set?
You can just use baby shampoo. You can use warm water. Just don't scrub too much or it may felt.
I second using baby shampoo and just sort of *aggitate* it in the sink like the motion of the washing machine. You can use luke warm water then rinse it well. It should be fine!
I use an old toothbrush to gently brush off any poopies on my wool. Works great - just be gentle!
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ok I used warm/cool water and rinsed it off a bit and patted and rubbed a tad, and it looks like all the poop is off(it was only a dime size spot).

Now I am just going to wash it tonight when he is asleep because it is time to wash.

I dont have to lanolize it if it still feels tacky right?

Originally Posted by SEEPAE
I dont have to lanolize it if it still feels tacky right?
You shouldn't have to lanolize it after only one washing. I think it will be OK.
ok all clean and soaking in its bath, thanks!
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