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Do I need an rx for an epi pen??

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My son had an anaphylactic reaction (like a seizure) Friday night. He's 14 months old and apparently has a life-threatening peanut allergy. We're leaving for a week long trip to NYC tomorrow and I really would like to have an epi pen before we leave. Can I just buy one? I am going to try to get him into the ped at the clinic in the morning, but I'm afraid they won't be able to get him in.
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Yes, you need an Rx.
Boobs you use the words "peanut" and "anaphylaxis" and they will get you in. This is way more important than you are capable of understanding right now.

My dd was 13 mos at dx.
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My dd was dx recently too, at 13 months. We're asking for more than one rx, so we can keep one in the house, one in the diaper bag, etc.

I really think that they should be standard issue to parents some days...
I keep a stash of four or five. You really should have two on hand with you at all times. Simply ask yourself this: what happens if the first pen doesn't work?

Also, the pen only buys you 15 minutes until you get to the hospital for big dog medical attention. If you're out in the woods, or otherwise more than half an hour from care, you need the second injector.

I have two for purse, two for home.
A few things I've learned:

According to my ds's allergist, in 35% of anaphylactic reactions, a 2nd dose of an epi-pen is needed. You should always have at least 2 epi-pens.

You might also want to check the expiration date when you receive the epi-pen. If it's not at least 18 months away, ask the pharmacist for a different one.

Another note, for future reference, it's really difficult to get epi-pens in August and early September, because everyone's getting refills for their kids to take to school. So, be sure you plan ahead.

In our area, there's a really good allergy support group. I've gotten lots of info from their meetings and discussions.

Good luck!
Hey-- when you get your RX, make sure to get it written for two. Dey packages their douple-packs with a free trainer, so you can practice and train others on it.
Thank you so much for all the info, mamas! We had an egg hunt at church today and the went out to eat and then ran into the grocery store and I realized that peanuts are EVERYWHERE! I was a nervous wreck.
I will get him in somewhere tomorrow no matter what. I never want to be that helpless again.
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