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Do I need insurance? Newbie Question

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Do I need insurance to sell baby carriers? If so where do I get some and how much does it usally run? I have no idea! :LOL

Thanks so much for any help.
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I would recomend insureance and I would not sellthem without it. That is the reason Why I dont have any. I gues you could put a discalmier that you are not responisble but I dont know how that would work of your carrier broke somehow. I dont know where you can get it thoguh. that was jsut my 2 cents LOL
Wouldn't the suppliers of a baby carrier have insurance for *their* product, therefore as the retailer, you wouldn't need to have any? Just wondering...I am starting to look into this myself now as well!
Oh I was just assuming she was going to make them The suppliers would have insurance for sure and if not I wouldnot carry them. I am jsut wierd like that. If you are sewign them it is your responsibilty to get ins but if you why them wholesale I would say you dont have to get it...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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