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Do I need Toddler Sized CPF? + praise for the diaper board!

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Well, I don't mean for ME :LOL I mean for DS! He is 2 and a few months and I guess weighs about 30 lbs. His premiums are getting a bit snug & he's been saying "my diaper hurts", although I don't know if it is related for sure.

If I get them, do I also need bigger covers? I am using prowraps, though I can't even remember what size they are . . . they seem to fit pretty well.

I guess what I am trying to ask is when do you know that you need to move up a size?

And does anyone use bleached CPF, or does everyone use unbleached? (I have UCPF, but am just wondering).

On a personal note--it is been about 1-1/2 years since I started using cloth. I cannot blieve it! I haevn't been to this board for ages, but you ladies helped me through those first stumbling weeks. Thank you so much!
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How are you folding? Is it the cover that is making your ds uncomfortable or the Diaper?

As long as absorbancy isn't a problem you might be able to change how you fold to get a better fit. If you need more absorbancy then yup toddler prefolds are kinda nice. It's always easier to diaper with a diaper that fits and is easy for you to fold. If you do upgrade to toddler UBCPF you probably will need to go up a size in covers, med Litewraps (these run huge) fit my 30 lb 2 yo nicely over toddler prefolds.
he's been saying "my diaper hurts",
Do you use a snappi? Sometimes if the snappi isn't just right it bug my 3y.o. too.
I also know a few women who pin the premiums on their older toddlers when the snappi starts getting snug so that the pressure isn't there and they can go out further on the waist.
Hmm. Maybe it is the snappi.

I have some pins--I will try that before I resort to new prefolds & covers.

Absorbancy doesn't seem to be the problem--it is the fit. Currently, I am folding it in the back--just down an inch or so, then putting him on it, then folding the bottom part into 3rds, folding it up and over & putting a snappi on. THe corners of the "upfolded" part are just about meeting the corners of the back part.

What other way can I fold them?

Thanks so much.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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