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Do I really need a $120 Allen Fetascope??????

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I am "researching" the things I need to buy and have and take so that when i am ready to start an apprenticeship I am ready and rearing to go!

But do I really have to buy a $120 fetascope.

Or can I get one a little less pricey??????

Or a lot less pricey :LOL :LOL :LOL
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I paid lass than $80 for mine (Allen 10) from In His Hands. My whole class got together (12 of us) and bought them bulk for a discount.
The economy Allen is much cheaper and works just as well to start with.
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hi...i just finished my midwifery apprenticeship and also help teach basic prenatal skills at a midwifery college. my experience (with myself and many many new students listening to heart tones for the first time) is that you should try many kinds and see what works for you. i think a lot depends on your ear shape and hearing ability. i bought the expensive Allen fetascope and then the economy model at the same time and ended up giving away the expensive one because i hated it. i also have a wooden Pinard horn that i like. my favorite tool has been the economy fetascope, but with the more flexible earpieces that came as extras with my infant stethoscope. i also recently tried a metal Pinard horn and it worked really well. good luck!
if you are just starting to apprentice do you have to invest in a fetoscope yet? I recommend listening with several different kinds before you settle on buying one
The first fetoscope I bought was the Allen series 10 and even back then it was $80. I really liked it and thought it was better because the tubing is thicker ----
but I can hear with just about anything even the cheap $15 ones but my favorite sound quality is from a fat wooden pinard the kind that is a broad flaired tube -- NOT the one that looks like an upside down wine glass--
the conduction of the sound is so tactile that your entire ear not just your drum feels the sound

there is another one that has a long tube a skylar-leff and it has a large heavy head the thing I like about it is the long ear tubes so you can listen and not move mom around much and mom's can try to listen during prenatals with the shorter allen and the pinard they can't
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to PS I would recommend you check on Ebay to see if anyone is selling some cheap now

also birth partners
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