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Do newborn proraps fit over...

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infant-sized prefolds? or just newborn/preemie prefolds.
My friend ahd plushie prefolds which are ploofier than cpfs, but slightly smaller in dimensions than an infant cpf.

Do you think proraps will fit over them, snappied? DO you think she'll have to snappi?
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They should fit, but it'll be tight. My ds was born pretty much into smalls, but we did have some nb proraps - we only used infant pf's and my dh basically shoved the diaper in there to make it work! I bet if she folds them down in the back, and then maybe bikini twists them to narrow down the crotch, they'll fit better than say a newspaper fold. Is her babe not here yet? Does she have a teddy bear/doll she can try the combo out on first to check and see?
It's a really tight squeeze and very bulky. Can she afford $10 for a dozen preemie sized ones? They make nice doublers after the baby outgrows them.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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