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Do soakers fit all types

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I often see someone say cover ABC doesn't work for my babe because it is too small in the thighs and too big in the waist, or the opposite, or something like that. Is that true for wool soakers also, or are they more likely to fit most babies since they are stretchy? Or are they not stretchy, I don't own any just picturing them to be like a sweater?
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Soakers do tend to fit a wider range of body types, although they do have limits on their stretchiness, especially in the legs. But the maker of each soaker should be able to tell you the sizing on the waist and on the legs, and you can measure your babe's (once s/he gets here) waist and thighs to check for proper sizing.

The other thing I've noticed about soaker fit is that if your babe's thighs are on the smaller side, the soaker will fit higher on the legs (sort of like underwear), while it will fit lower on the legs (sort of like boxer shorts) if your babe has chunkier thighs. Karen's daughter modeled my son's soaker and it was like boxer shorts on her, like undies on my son. Very versatile.

I think they fit a broader size range because of the stretchiness. But, like the previous poster said, the WAHM will have measurements on her site.
Wool soakers, because they are individually hand knit, can also be made to your child's specific measurements
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Ditto to what Cass said, most soaker makers can custom make the legs to assure you a fit in the legs, but I have found that a bigger leg on a soaker doesn't leak nearly like it does with a cover. And soakers, while they cost more, seem to fit a LOT longer as well because of the stretchyness.
Soakers like aristocrats that stretch all over (legs included) fit a long time and sort of "grow" with your child- to a point, of course. You can shrink them a bit if they get stretched out and your baby thins up into a toddler.

I used the same aristocrats on dd from 6 months until potty training. Lots of stretch.
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