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Do teething and diaper rash go together?

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So my dd has all of her teeth coming in at one time and a mystery diaper rash? I think they are related but not sure.

It started out as bumpy red spot sort of thing so I treated for yeast (acidophilous, gse in wipe soln) but it has turned into a bright red poo burn looking thing, no unusual poos though.

Any ideas or suggestions?
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When babies are teething, they slobber lots more...........hence swallow more, and their stomachs churn out extra acid. I think that makes the poo more acidic.
Oh that makes total sense and I feel so much less worried now!

What's the best way to treat teeting rash? Is there anything that I can feed her to neutralize the acidity?
Nothing you can feed her really, but you can put maalox on her bum, you can also mix it with cornstarch to make it thicker. That should help a bit, or use a barrier cream.

but yes diaper rash and teething go together here big time!
Both my boys developed nasty diaper rashes when they were teething as well.
I second the maalox mixed with cornstarch to make it pasty...........
My children never had diaper rash and grew all their teeth. Maybe they just drooled all the extra drool and didn't swallow it...
Maylox huh!? I never would have thought of that in a million years. I can see how it might help though. No time to go to the store last night though so i put aloe vera on it and used a disposable liner a night, one or both of the two seems to have helped.

Can anyone think of a reason not to use aloe vera on diaper rash?

Diaper rash was my #1 indicator my daughter was teething. It wasn't even a was just a raw, bleeding bottom. Yeouch!

I don't know why you couldn't use aloe vera on it if it doesn't just slide off the skin.
Originally posted by chellemarie
It wasn't even a was just a raw, bleeding bottom. Yeouch!
yup that's exactly what happened, and it was all of the sudden too, I totally freaked out, but feel lots less worried now thanks to all of you mamas.
This is the only time we've had diaper rash.

There is a diaper cream thread from only a few days ago.
I just learned about the malox thing too!!! But I still love love love my baby butt balm.
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My daughter drools like a maniac. It started at 1 month, and by 3 months, the normal "drool bibs" didn't cut it at all. Within a half hour, the bib was soaked completely through, shirt drenched beneath it! We had some super-soaker bibs made and it's a lot more manageable now. (Thanks Terri and Heidi!)

I had thought that she was just extremely sensitive to poop, but I honestly think that her poop is probably just very acidic due to all that drool. If she has a poopy bottom for more than a moment, she gets that burned look to it. You'd think her skin would start getting used to it, but it really is crucial to get her cleaned up instantly.

It's especially tough right now because her BF-only poop really doesn't smell enough to even notice it....wasn't that supposed to be a good thing? LOL

My son drooled like this too, for almost 2 straight years. Long before he was teething and long after! I just found out from my dentist that I have "an incredible amount of saliva"! So, it appears I'm the guilty party here.... What a trait to pass on to your kids eh?
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I find that Lansinoh works best on my baby's teething rashes. It makes a good barrier to keep the poo off his skin, and it heals the rash that's already there. He has very sensitive skin, so I have an arsenal of varying types of diaper rash ointments, but the Lansinoh wins hands-down for teething rashes.
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