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Do the cravings ever stop?!

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We are fairly new to eating right (it was never really BAD, just never organic and eating out a lot) and I still get a nagging craving every once in a while. Pizza Hut, Moose Tracks ice cream, soda!! I tend to have one of these bad things maybe once a week, although more like once per month....will they stop at some point, or will it always be a "battle"?!

Thank you for your responses!
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For me, it's been an off and on battle since I started eating better in 2002. Days will go by with no cravings and then - whammo- I get hit by them. What makes it so odd is that the junk food I'll eat doesn't taste as good as it use to and it makes me feel oogey, but I still eat it.

I hope you have better luck than I!
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Eating 'right' is such a process. Like anything else, if you go cold turkey you're bound to have a few cravings. If they're REELy strong.. indulge. For me, this was the best route because nothing ever tasted quite as good as I remembered it tasting. 10 years later I STILL have to pause and look at the doughnuts (my weakness) and while standing there I add up the calories, think of the crappy fat and sugars and refined flour, and remember the last time I actually ate one and felt ill afterword.. then I move on to the produce aisle.

Eventually you talk yourself out of the bad before you give it much thought.
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