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DO they make goat milk formula?

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I know that you can make your own and all that, but I just wonder if any company out there makes goat milk formula. Since it is better than cow milk for humans, why wouldn't they? If I end up having to supplement (I had a breast reduction) I would rather use goat than cow and I have never seen goat formula. Is it out there and I just haven't seen it? Monkey would be even better but I'm pretty sure they don't make formula out of monkey BM!
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The UK has a goat milk formula... made by BabyNat. I buy it online. It smells and tastes SO much better than cow's milk formulas. But I was really convinced to keep buying it when DD stopped having icky green "formula poos" on the goat's milk.

The place I bought it is now out of stock, so I'm not sure where to get it from... most places don't ship to the US.

You can read about it here:
I have seen goat milk formula at my local grocery store. I'll try to check the brand next time I'm there...

There is some really interesting info here:
Kellymom says that milk actually interferes with Iron absorption! She also says to avoid goat's milk... great link!
Goat's milk baby formula is modified so that it is more nutritionally complete. In my subjective experience it is much better than cow's milk-based or soy-based formula, if you have to give formula. The kellymom link is in regards to giving whole goat's milk to your baby.

I'd be very curious to know the brand of formula in your store, Augustine! I'd love to find a more local source!
I'd love to know the brand name too. I have serious supply issues and have to supplement a bit with formula. This would make me feel better about it.
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