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do toddlers have growth spurts?

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DD's sleeping has gotten all wacko - yesterday she took a 5 hour nap!!! Never in her life has she taken a 5 hour nap! Then she was up until midnight and awake at 7 this AM. Napped again for 2 hours after I MADE her get up. She is also eating like a horse - the kid can put away food. Is it a growth spurt? Just curious if they still have these?
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Oh my yes! :LOL DS is going thru one right now.
I'll have to say yes as well. There's no other explanation that I can think of for his weird eating/sleeping habits!

They go through growth spurts all through childhood. Just because they aren't as hugely pronounced as they are at certain other points, doesn't mean they don't happen.

Mine will eat like nuts, gain a bit of chub, and then back off on the eating and gain some height. These episodes get spaced further out as they get older.
Definitely. Mine will eat like a horse then we'll notice she's SO tall...

Still growing at 28 mos!
Oh, and I've also noticed that they get clumsy for a bit during growth spurts - trip over things, even walk into doorframes and walls. My kids aren't clumsy normally.
Thank you! She IS very clumsy these days! LOL. The sleeping thing is driving me crazy, but I just have to go with with the flow...
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I figured growth spurts were something that happened occasionally until... well, until kids were done growing.

I've also read & heard that children don't have growth/developmental spurts in every area all at once, but one area at a time - like logic, verbal skills, gross motor ability, teeth and bones, or muscle and organ tissue, etc. Supposedly, one area will develop like crazy while the other areas slow down a little. Don't know if I've got my facts right, but it makes a lot of sense to me.

I think some types of spurts just wear them out more (or keep them up at night!).
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