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Do tyou want to strangle people who cause unneeded stress?

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OK I"m gonna vent.

My kid (almost 7) came home from playing with the neighbour kids. He was crying his eyes out cause one neighbour girl always threatens to 'beat him up'. I talked to the girl who does it a few das back very nicely and suggested that she please stop doing that. (This girl is at least twice my son's size by the way not that it matters). Well I marched outside with my son and said authoritatively "You told me me you were going to stop threatening to beat up __ the other day. You did it again, and it needs to stop NOW>".

*Note I did not freak out or yell, just used a good assertive voice.

Anyways, the kids mom, who I actually have always liked and respected, actually tryed to JUSTIFY her kids actions! She said "oh, she was going to apologize, but he was annoying her today".... What was annoying her? Just his voice! Not that he was saying anything rude or offensive, just his mere existance.

And NOW its 11 pm and I can't sleep and my stomache is in knots and I'm paranoid that the stress of this incident is going to make me have a miscarriage. And I want to scream at the top of my lungs.

So now I have to fugure out how to mend fences in the morning, while maintaining my stance that I DO NOT want my son's safety to be threatened anymore.

If I were not pregnant I would be having a good stiff drink right about now. And I almost never drink, so thats saying something.....
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