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Do we need to go have our *teeth cleaned*? And so often?

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Dh is bent on not having ds' teeth cleaned twice a year, he says he didnt want it done at all, but now he says only once a year. Ds is 2 and has never been to the dentist but will go before he is 3. His teeth are in pretty good cond, but I am also worried about the amount of teeth cleaning they do, doesnt it harm the enamel of teeth with all that scraping they do? My teeth were cleaned so much as a child because i had discouloured teeth and they are now chipping off and breaking. Thanks.
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Dd had her first dental appt a few months ago, a couple of weeks before her 4th b-day. They didn't do any scraping at all. They flossed and did a quick cleaning. Dd didn't like the toothpaste, so they didn't even use any. Dd has a strong gag-reflex, so they didn't do any x-rays either, which they said wasn't a big deal since her teeth looked fine.
This may sound like a weird question, and I'm new to this forum, so I hope you don't mind me asking...but did you have a lot of fluoride treatments as a child? Too much can damage the teeth...maybe that's what happened with yours? Either way, if you do take him, I'd suggest not letting them give your DC any fluoride.
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